Jovi Schnell, Space Hansa Prismatica, 58 x 78 in., acrylic & flashe on canvas, 2017

It's Happening! The 47th Annual University of California, Berkeley Master of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition. Show runs May 17 - June 11


Each year, BAMPFA and the University of California, Berkeley Department of Art Practice work together to present an exhibition of works by Berkeley MFA graduates.

Exhibition: Electric Space Gardeners at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

Art Ltd. Magazine review by Maria Porges


Collaboration with Kal Spelletich. Drunken Floralia, Robotics, Painted Wood & Wine, 2017.

Pics from opening night of Electric Space Gardeners by Alan Bamberger. Show runs through Feb. 18


Gregory Lind Gallery is pleased to present Electric Space Gardeners, Jovi Schnell’s fourth exhibition with the gallery. The assembled works include large-scale canvases and works on paper that present a hybridized botanical world where the codes of nature, humanity, and technology flow freely. Schnell’s imaginative interplay of amorphous flora, botanical shapes, and micro patterns offer speculations from a corpus of research that includes automatic gardens, plant physiology, herbariums, parallel plant species, and botanical folklore.

DATAHERBMATICA: 100 Uses for A Herbarium, #64 Provide Inspiration For Painters

Solo show with Gregory Lind gallery in San Francisco. Jan. 5 - Feb. 18


For the reception Wendy Farina will project four short electric space gardening animations with music composed by the band Electronic Death Registry & Kal Spelletich and Jovi Schnell have collaborated on a "Bouquet of Mechanical Flowers". Said Bouquet will pour, drip and spray delectable nectar libations to the public. If they dare!


Group exhibition featuring 30 artists. Including installations, site-specific murals, photography and painting. Show runs February 28th - March 17, 2016. Curated by Torrey Cook.


Catalog for Marks Made: Prints by American Women Artists from the 1960s to the Present

Delighted to be included in this show and have two prints collected by the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL


First semester kicks off towards MFA study at UC Berkeley

Honored to have been selected as an MFA candidate at UC Berkeley in the Art Practice program. Setting my sights on a two year period of immersive research!


Jovi Schnell: Muse silk blouse

Excited about the translation of my work to silk for a limited edition project with the Miami based outfit Artteca


Image: Kyle Ranson, Jovi Schnell, & Alex Theodoropulos

Three - person exhibition of Paintings, drawings & animations at LAST Projects, Opens Fri, 6/19/15, 7-11PM, 6546 Hollywood Blvd #215


Jovi Schnell, “There Slipped Saturn A Perpetual Tock - a.k.a. The Saturn Clock”, Soma west Skatepark mural, San Francisco Arts Commission, Photo by Jeff Petersen



Jovi Schnell with Christine Shields, “There Slipped Saturn A Perpetual Tock - a.k.a. The Saturn Clock”, Soma west Skatepark mural, San Francisco Arts Commission, Photo by Sarah Pyle

Soma West Skatepark Opens!


Thrasher magazine video of the opening day July 1, 2014

Jovi Schnell, "The Saturn Clock", mural on concrete, dimensions variable, 2014. San Francisco Arts Commission

Otis street column as it nears completion for the new SOMA west Skatepark!


The production of the mural was led by Jeff Petersen and was painted by a core group of artists and myself to whom I am most indebted for making this enormous project happen! Matt Delight, Todd Kurnat, Alicia McCarthy & Christine Shields thank you so much for all of your hard work and additional volunteering to realize this mural. Additionally, thanks to Aaron Hazelwood, Azurdee Miller & Sarah Pyle for their boundless enthusiasm and generous volunteer work. I feel very fortunate to have had such a stellar crew and supportive community on this project.

Jovi Schnell, "The Saturn Clock", mural on concrete, dimensions variable 15' x 26', 2014

Mural for new San Francisco Skate Park begins! One column down 5 to go and then some...


The imagery for the mural was inspired by the sites former victorian era amusement park, Woodward's Gardens. During its heyday the park offered its visitors a museum of natural curiosities, zoo, exotic gardens and the largest west coast skating rink of its time.

Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission

Jovi Schnell, "Valley of the Lilacs", 7' x 11'.5", Porcelain & glass mosaic mural. Fabricator: Miotto Mosaics. 2013

Art in Embassies mosaic mural commission complete!


Delighted to report the installation of my work outside the US Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. Thank you to the AIE program and fabricators for making it all happen! Also, many thanks to Nena Nikolic, whose generous hospitality during my stay in Belgrade made a lifelong impression. The artwork was inspired by a combination of influences I found throughout my travels there including traditional costume, Serbian Cilim rug design, mosaics of the byzantine commonwealth and the medieval Serbian myth, The Valley of the Lilacs.

Jovi Schnell, Valley of the Lilacs

Art in Embassies - Mural mosaic for the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade begins!

Photos by Alan Bamberger

Art Business Gallery Openings, Gregory Lind - Fortuna Paper Moon - Jovi Schnell


Detail, Free Categories.11 Glocal Lifestream. Included in the exhibition: Fortuna Paper Moon

San Francisco Weekly, Art-Blog, Q & A, By Jonathan Curiel


Topics include: Early childhood influences, my working process for my recent show - Fortuna Paper Moon at the Gregory Lind Gallery and the most influential class I took at SFAI.

Work image: Sometime.Takes.Time, 2012

Solo Exhibition - Fortuna Paper Moon


Gregory Lind Gallery, Group Show

DECADE, Celebrating 10 Years


July 5 – August 18, 2012, OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 14, 3 - 6 PM

Drawing by Maria Calandra

Pencil in the Studio, A studio visit


The artist Maria Calandra has created a symbiotic relationship with the artists with whom she visits. Drawing out both their work and conversation.

Image courtesy of StreetPrint

San Francisco's KQED article by Kristin Farr


Photos by Meighan O'Toole

Studio visit from My Love For You


Limited edition puzzle created from Free Categories.7- Fuzzy Object

Created for Shadowshop a project at SFMOMA by artist Stephanie Syjuco


This project is part of an exhibition entitled The More Things Change and opens to the public November 20.

Brians Beats, Goauche on paper

Sonny Smith 100 Records


7 inch single created for Sonny Smith and his fictitious band magic. Complete with homemade jukebox and limited edition box set. Sights & Sounds!